Digital Marketing: An Owner’s Guide to a Digital Marketing Agency Selection


As a med spa owner, I get bombarded by 10-15 marketing firms a week guaranteeing new leads. Asking if we can “handle new leads,” or questioning if we are “looking for a few new clients in the area.” When you hear “more leads”, be mindful of the balance between quantity and quality, and how impactful that can be to your team. Your people and capital are your most valuable resources, after all. If the quality of the lead is poor, your staff’s time is wasted and you are potentially putting your capital at risk by trusting a digital marketing agency to expand your brand in your geography.  

Our med spa has seen 24-56% growth year over year and choosing the right digital partner has been integral to our success. Here is our Top 6 tips and questions to ask when selecting a digital marketing agency:

  1. Certifications: Would you go to a doctor that isn’t licensed?  Why invest in a firm that hasn’t taken the time to be certified?  Facebook and Google have partner certifications. Many firms tinker in the digital tools and don’t take the time to attend conferences and stay up to date on trends and capabilities.For example, Google changed its algorithm over 3,200 times last year and recently Apple pushed an update that is an advertising game changer.

If you are interviewing agencies, ask how they have adjusted to this recent change.

2. Sales Process:Does the firm have a defined sales process to handle incoming leads beyond a Google or Excel Sheet?  Do they have a process to contact leads and have optimal follow-up during the lead conversion process? Here is a great link about the time to contact as a key driver to conversion: “Longer Than 5 Minutes = an 80% Decrease in Lead Qualification.” ( )

3. Technology Automation: The ability to customize is key. Does the firm have a technology platform designed for workflows that will auto text, auto email, auto dial? Do the established workflows address your specific industry concern? Keep in mind that many agencies try to force fit technology offerings, and allow no customization based on your environment. Ask questions. It should be a rather straight forward answer of ‘yes or no’. If the firm waffles and doesn’t give you a straight answer, dig deeper before committing.

4. Freedom to Exit: The digital age is moving fast and it is unrealistic to expect small businesses to lock into 6 or 12-month contracts. An initial agreement of 90 days is reasonable to test a new agency out. Lead time for cancelation is also a consideration to look at. No more than a 30 day out clause is to be expected, annual renewals on programs that aren’t working can create a hit to your organization that could be devastating.

5. Multi-Modal Communication: Like most spas, you are targeting folks from various ages of 25 to 60 potentially.  Some people respond to text, some to email, and some only want phone calls.  Does the firm handle multi-modal communication in the lead conversion process?  

6. Lead Quantity vs. Revenue: What matters at the end of the month is the actual revenue in the door.  Don’t get confused on lead cost, cost per impression, etc.  The revenue is true measure of a successful agency.  Do they have robust analytics that show ROI performance through the entire lead generation life cycle? If not, beware…the ability to track your investment is crucial.

We hope you put the Top 6 list above to use.  Our next blog will take a closer look at working ON your business versus IN your business. Don’t miss out on the Metrics that Matter.  


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